Welcome to McCamey, Texas!

Out on the windswept frontier of West Texas lies the small town of McCamey. An overnight boomtown from the 1920's that once boasted a population of 10,000 in a sweeping sea of tents, McCamey has developed a rich history of hardy people, working together to overcome the obstacles presented by surviving in a harsh and arid land.

Today, McCamey's population of 1,805 make their living primarily in the oil industry, with some farming and ranching in the area. Working hard to cope with the instability of the oil market by exploring other economic development possibilities, McCamey eagerly anticipates the new millennium as a wealth of opportunity!

Local Attractions
Wind Energy Capital of Texas
McCamey Country Club Golf Course

Area Schools
McCamey Independant School District

Regional Schools
Odessa College
Midland College
Angelo State University

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Local Real Estate
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