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A Guide To Nursing Homes

As the population ages, more of us are faced with the prospect of moving either ourselves or an older family member into a nursing home. It may be a decision that arrives suddenly following hospitalization, or gradually as needs become more dificult to meet in other types of housing. To make a decision that's right for you or your loved one, it's important to learn all you can about nursing homes.. . . Read More

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Screenshot of Patient Portal website
Screenshot of Patient Portal website

McCamey Rural Health Clinic Patient Portal

Click Here to Access the Clinic's Patient Portal

If you have visited our clinic recently, you may have been asked for your email address. The reason for this is not to solicit or bombard you with spam email, but rather to give you a secure and convenient way to communicate with us in the comfort of your home or any place with internet access. The portal is designed to help us better serve you.

Why would you want access to the portal?

If you have been referred to another doctor and you need quick access to your medical records, the portal gives you a secure way to access this information. You can also request refills for your medications, make appointments, and ask your provider questions about your general health information. Not only does this system provide you with direct communication to your health care provider, it also enables you to become proactive in the management of your own healthcare. It is not necessary to have an appointment to become enabled for the portal. All you have to do is come to the clinic and sign a consent form giving us permission to enable your email address for the portal. For your own safety and confidentiality, you will also be asked to identify your personal information. It is the goal of The McCamey Rural Health Clinic to provide you with a safe and secure environment to access your health information and support all of our patients by providing them with the best care possible.

Thank you for choosing us.

For any questions you may have, please call 432-652-4010.
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